Public Speaking for Your Brand Presence

Content marketing includes more than promo videos and graphics posts on social media.

Content creators and influencers can benefit from adding public speaking engagements to their marketing strategy. More specifically, they can use this as an opportunity to share the story about why they created their brand and their mission statement. People want to know what sparked the ignition and what value does that have for me? At public speaking events, strategies such as including printed and digital content to further express your brand’s story with a call to action to visit your online platforms are just as important as video and photography posts.

According to, there are several benefits to including public speaking engagements for business owners. It helps to build the brand and reputation in the community. Besides, there will be ample opportunity for networking with a handshake for connection to improve relationships with potential customers. According to the, “Public speaking is one of the most cost-effective ways to create credibility for you, your company, and your products or services.” Credibility and brand recognition go hand-in-hand. Public speaking allows a business to create printed materials and digital media to promote the speaking engagement. That is the first step. The important question is, what is the company’s foundational story? Why did they start a business venture? Whether the startup business is new to content development or a seasoned corporation, as the owner and team, that reason can change over time. It’s important to evaluate this now and regularly in the future to align the brand with the story for a powerful buy-in strategy.

In our interview with speaker and coach, Stephanie Staidle, we discuss how being authentic in sharing your story is your brand. Staidle is a licensed art therapist and leadership coach. She has an extensive background in psychology with a bachelors degree from Georgetown University and studied the arts at SNSImages. Stephanie has over eight years of experience as a counselor, art therapist, and personal development coach. 

 In the full interview, Staidle (@rbentrepreneur) explains a common consensus from people either use their left or right side of their brain more often and what that has to do with their upbringing. Left braining thinking is analytical and risk-averse and critical and helping us get things done. The right side of the brain takes things in visually versus verbal. Entrepreneurs have to learn how to use the right brain for problem-solving and to see the big picture.

For most, having to go out and network with strangers regularly can be time-consuming and daunting. However, if youre going to an event as a speaker, youll gain the spotlight and have people approach you if theyre interested in working with you.

Listen to the full podcast here at your preferred station. For further research on right-brain thinking, click here.

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