Plan Your Content Strategy Like a Marketing Agency 

Are you an entrepreneur starting up a new business, a CEO running a small business, a musician building a brand on your own, or perhaps something in between these roles? People that are involved in managing content for a website and social media platforms often feel overwhelmed with learning and testing what type of content works and when. For those that have reached the point of seeking a solid strategy, look no further than the Content Creators Planner

Why does every content creator need a plan?

Every content creator needs a plan because many moving pieces can be missed or miscalculated. Jayson DeMers, a guest writer for, states that “You may think that you’ll invest in a content marketing strategy ‘someday,’ or you may be distracted by other priorities. But, the fact of the matter is, you have much to gain by investing in a content marketing strategy — and waiting any longer could be hurting you.” DeMers suggests considering motivations such as the breadth of return, benefits to other approaches, diversity of mediums, competitive opportunities, and much more. Thankfully pioneers are leading the way, people like Kim Doyal and Jodi Hersh. They partnered up to create the Content Creator Planner. 

The Creators of the ‘Content Creators Planner

Kim Doyal is known as “The WordPress Chick” and is an entrepreneur, coach, podcaster, and content creator. She lives by her commitment to #JustShowUP. Jodi Hersh is a “smartist” and is celebrating 25 years as Orange Star Design, Inc. The intersection of creativity, experiences, and technology. She helps bring people’s visions to life with strategic branding, websites, and marketing solutions. In both roles, being immersed in the online marketing world, they “felt overwhelmed with the number of pieces that need to fit together to create a content strategy that is manageable and effective. We found ourselves using multiple digital tools, all with some overlapping features, but none that really helped us create the foundation and see everything in one place.” 

Formats & Benefits

The Content Creators Planner comes in a printed, bound form for those who love the touch and feel of paper during a brainstorming session. It’s an excellent tool for creating campaigns and all of its moving parts. 

Also, there is a downloadable PDF version of the planner, which is an excellent addition to the paper planner to be able to print out individual pages and share it with team members. This version gives you immediate access instead of waiting for shipping. Another benefit I the ability to use it on a tablet with a stylus using an app such as GoodNotes or Notability. 

There is an online collaboration tool as well; it’s an excellent option for those who prefer to work within a digital format. The planner goes beyond social media scheduling tools. 

The planner includes: 

  • Content Types Checklists
  • Monthly Campaigns
  • Content Strategy Map
  • Monthly Calendar
  • Weekly Calendar
  • Monthly Statistics
  • Monthly Review
  • Quarterly Statistics

When is the Right Time to Implement a Content Strategy for Your Business? 

For the content creators that have been posting regularly but aren’t see results, it can cause much frustration. How can it work for some, but it’s not working for you? At what stage should a content creator implement a strategy into their business? Doyal suggests,

“As soon as possible. The sooner you create a content strategy based on your business goals, the less adjusting you’ll have to do later. Content is the long game, and it takes time to acquire data.” 

Whether your business needs to refresh a plan or build a strategy, data is critical. The best content has solid research behind it and with crucial insight, such as a specific target audience. 

The results are in, this strategy works.  

What are others saying? Watch this video for a quick testimonial. 

Learn more about the Content Creators Planner before you launch your next campaign. 

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