Gamification in Your Content Marketing Strategy

The benefits of game elements and mechanics applied to non-game situations such as marketing are worth considering adding to your content design and marketing strategy. The result could be increased engagement, promote learning, solving problems, and motivation when implemented into your content strategy. Often viewer’s interest is motivated by collecting points, visual feedback, or entirely having fun. 

Game Element Options: 

  • Competition
  • Cooperation
  • Avatars
  • Points
  • Levels
  • Risk
  • Leaderboards
  • Chance
  • Aesthetics
  • Rules
  • Clear Objectives 

What is content gamification, and how does it work? 

Content gamification is the application of game elements, game mechanics, and game thinkings to alter the content to make it more game-like. Having an objective and rules are critical elements in defining a game. There also has to be a challenge that must be present in the spirit of competition. Moreover, content is made more game-like by taking game elements and applying them to information or materials for learning or communication purposes. By creating a challenge, mystery, character, or curiosity, the content transforms into a game-like feel. 

The idea is not to create an actual game but to strategically add game-like elements throughout your content, such as building a website for visitors to find hidden pieces of information or create a mystery that needs solving by gathering evidence in a lecture. Content gamification engages people and motivates action by applying elements of games to the content of investigating the mystery to transform learning from passive to an active process. According to, gamification marketing results show much success: 

Leave a comment about your favorite marketing gamification experiences, such as the McDonald’s monopoly online or collecting points with your Starbucks app. To learn more about gamification, sign up for LinkedIn Learning for structural gamification courses here.

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