Plan Your Content Strategy Like a Marketing Agency
Plan Your Content Strategy Like a Marketing Agency 
Are you an entrepreneur starting up a new business, a CEO running a small business, a musician build ...
Plan Your Content Strategy Like a Marketing Agency
Public Speaking for Your Brand Presence
Public Speaking for Your Brand Presence
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Public Relations
Public Speaking for Your Brand Presence
Top 4 Technical Tips to Increase Social Media Engagement
Top 4 Technical Tips to Increase Social Media Engagement
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Top 4 Technical Tips to Increase Social Media Engagement
Gamification in Your Content Marketing Strategy
Gamification in Your Content Marketing Strategy
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Gamification in Your Content Marketing Strategy

Why we do what we do

78% of consumers perceive a relationship between themselves and a company that uses custom content.

Consumer behavior

Millennials are consuming content, they switch their attention 27 times per hour; Boomers switch 17 times per hour.

Social impact

Studies show that 70% of individuals want to learn about products through content rather than traditional advertising.

our mission

Content Culture News is where content development experts and entrepreneurs meet for content marketing strategies.

We believe in your gifts, talents, and skills can be cultivated and shared with others. By tapping into your flow state, you will know you’ve arrived at your true life’s purpose.

Go from a newbie content marketer to pro by increasing your ROI on content marketing strategies masterclass. You’ll have to do the work but you don’t have to do it alone. Coming Soon: The Art of Creating A Content Strategy That Sells Masterclass.


My story begins with my mother’s hope for a better future for us mixed with a hunger to live her life to the fullest. She inspired me throughout my life to live with adventure and to see the world as a place full of hope and endless opportunities.

My most significant memory of overcoming the challenge of being knocked down was after the day of September 9, 2011. My world stopped that day. Soon after, advertising budgets were pulled, clients disappeared and so did my graphic design position working for an advertising studio. I attempted college to only realize how expensive it was to pay for on my own so I decided to change my status in life, I enlisted in the United States Army. Through the rough, I became stronger and more determined to hold tight to my hope for my future.

After leaving the service, attempting to sail by in my old career, I decided to change my life’s direction when I enrolled in college to learn how to start my own business. I left everything behind to start over with $16,000 I won in scholarships along with the Post 9/11 GI Bill from my service in the military.

My true passion emerged during a class when we had to edit video and audio together from several movie trailers into a whole new story. I spent hours on this project that felt like only half the time. Once I was even late to class working on this project as it was difficult to stop and leave my creative zone. Had I found my true path? Had windows appeared where only walls once were?

A sense of adventure pushed me to take one step further by enrolling in commercial acting classes, a task that literally shook me to my core. As I observed other students that believed in their dreams without question, I gave myself a pep talk, “Go for it! This is your moment to grow. Take a leap of faith this is hope for a better future.” I decided to go for it and was fortunate to experience being a part of television commercials and indie films. This experience served me well as I went on to graduate with my bachelor’s degree winning eight awards, graduated with a master’s of arts degree in new media journalism, and many hours of volunteering.

Soon after, I became a multimedia content producer, building on my graphic design skills, to work with large corporate event shows for clients such as AT&T and IBM as well as brands in tourism like Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Florida. I live with the value of adventure and hope by stretching from the small to broader challenges that took me beyond my comfort zone to land in new experiences.

I want to encourage others to take back their dreams, to hold them tight to their heart. Imagine filling your life with adventure and hope of living your dreams. Most of us have thought through our entire lives that we’re not powerful, but we are each capable of so much more.

Today, I’ve taken the knowledge I’ve gained through working with multimedia arts to form Content Culture News. We empower entrepreneurs through encouragement and information. Content starts with the spark you feel inside to share who you are with the world. We are all a part of the culture of content creation. Each one of you on social media is subjected to an entire virtual world of content–it is our culture. Why not become better at navigating it for your own business goals?


Sajin Sahadevan
Sajin SahadevanDigital Marketer | Project Management Specialist | IT and Events Support Professional
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Jessica is an unbelievable talented marketer. She loves her craft and is exceptional at communicating her ideas while embracing the clients' needs. Our product Dock turns to her again and again for her excellent, creative designs and blogs. Though she was an asset to our marketing efforts, Jessica was also extraordinarily helpful in other areas of the company. In addition to writing effective email templates, videos and voice overs, Jessica generated leads through landing pages and social media management by following content development . She would be an asset to any employer and I recommend her for any endeavor she chooses to pursue
Tracie Kendziora
Tracie KendzioraWriting and editing expert. Smoothie addict. Wannabe comedian.
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Collaborative and creative are two of the best words to describe Jessica. I had the pleasure of working with Jessica at PSAV, where we collaborated on design and marketing projects daily. Jessica’s ability to constantly come up with new, engaging, and innovative ideas and designs was incredibly impressive and made my job so much easier. And she had the best attitude — I could always count on her to break the ice! I highly recommend Jessica as a designer, a storyteller, and a content producer and strategist.
Lindsay Forrest
Lindsay ForrestAccount Executive at Forcura
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After working with Jessica for several months, she is a dedicated employee, marketing professional and creative thinker. She transformed our entire marketing platform and content outreach through continuous education on inbound and outbound marketing through HubSpot. I would recommend her for any Marketing/Advertising or creative position.
John Moua
John MouaFounder of FAR52 / Federal Contracts Advisor
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I recently caught up with Jessica at a conference and told her about my project. Without hesitation Jessica offered up her services to help with a presentation I was going to give. Her coaching and advice was instrumental in me giving an effective presentation. Jessica is a person who prides herself in giving her clients full attention and will bring a wealth of knowledge, passion and value to your project/company.

Alyson Adashko Raskin, Ph.D

Trauma-Informed Neurogenic Yoga, and TRE Provider
"Jessica’s thoughtful and approachable style allowed me to feel at ease when discussing business strategies in what I experience to be an overwhelming online landscape. She was able to listen intently, ask pertinent questions and hone in on my online needs. Within a few minutes of our initial meeting, she helped me clearly articulate and translate my business vision into an online platform. She led me through initial digestible strategic steps to begin my online business venture and later generously followed up with additional practical tools to assist with online content."


the secret art of creating a content strategy that sells

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Unshakable Content Marketing: Become 100% Secure With Your Content Marketing Strategy

Challenge 1: Results for your ROI (Modules 1-3)
Solution: What to do with your content and when to post
Challenge 2: Become an Influencer (Modules 4-6)
Solution: Push content public relations style
Challenge 3: Fan Engagement (Modules 7-9)
Solution: Increase your company’s brand identity 

Join the movement of a community of content creators. We’re a mix of experts in their craft to the content creators that are just starting out and want to learn more. Where content development experts and entrepreneurs meet to teach/learn about content marketing for businesses.

Our mission is to encourage life-long learning. We coach non-tech-savvy individuals to share their talents through digital marketing and design skills. To expand current actions by learning new techniques and tools for effective strategies. For example, we encourage our clients to be more adventurous by expanding their comfort zone about being on camera through media training and teach skills to empower the entrepreneur.